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Thanks for the help, I did exactly what you said and you are right, its a lot easier than accesing linux.

Anyway replacing the file and adding "visible" : true, did not work, after I restarted the pre I could still see and use the browser and youtube apps.

So I thought to change it to false instead of true, I tried this with the nascar app and it did work, my nascar app is gone.

I went back and did the same change for the browser and youtube app (replaced the word true for the word false) but after restarting the pre those two app are still there.

To recap: Nascar gone, browser and youtube still there, and I "believe" I did the same thing for all of them.

Any ideas as to why? Anyone?
OMG, I am such a 'tard! I typed up those directions so carefully and reread them 3 or 4 times before hitting post, and I still completely missed that I put "true" instead of "false". Yes, you are absolutely correct - the line should be "visible" : false.

Ok, I just went and tested this again on my Pre, and after rebooting, both YouTube and my Browser icons are gone. What program did you use to edit the .json files? If you use Microsoft Word and have smart quotes turned on, it puts in those funky quote marks instead of straight quotes, and I'm not sure webos recognizes them properly. I take it that WebOS Quick Install gave you a "File transferred successfully" message for both transfers, right? Check the files again, and make sure that you haven't missed anything. This is what my browser.json file looks like:

	"title": "Web",
	"type": "web",
	"main": "index.html",
	"id": "com.palm.app.browser",
	"icon": "icon.png",
	"mimeTypes": [ "action/url" ],
	"noWindow": true,
	"theme" : "light",
	"visible" : false,
	"noDeprecatedStyles" : true,
	"keywords" : [ "Browser", "Blazer", "Internet" ]
Note that I put the visible is false line after the theme line, but you can put it anywhere. Just make sure that every line has a comma at the end of it, except for the last line before the }. Make sure that visible has "" around it and false does not. Also, do a full reboot from the device info menu or using the power button and not just a luna restart, if you didn't do it that way before.

I have to say, I almost had a heart attack, because the first time I tested this to make them invisible, when I rebooted my Pre, I got this black screen with a large battery icon on it with a red bar at the bottom of the battery. (I should note that my battery was at 73% when I rebooted.) I thought I'd done something really wrong and I was gonna have to doctor my phone. But I didn't touch it, and after less than a minute (longest minute ever!), it continued on with the regular rebooting process. I changed my files back so my icons would be visible again, and the second time around, the reboot went off without a hitch. So I still have no idea what caused that the first time. Interestingly enough, I had to reboot twice to get my You Tube icon to show back up, and it seems to me that the first time I tested this, I had to reboot twice to get my browser icon to go away, so if you're still having issues, try rebooting again. After all of that, I'm afraid I have no idea. Give that a try and let me know what happens.

-- Alisa