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    I am tinkering around with building an app and I have some questions about distribution I hope you guys can answer (since I'm a first-time developer):

    The open-source/web distribution thing is confusing me. If I release the source to my app, I can bypass the $99 developer program fee and I can distribute the app on the web 'through a unique open source method' - what is that method?

    Can I still put an open-source app in the app catalog? (for $50) Then people could either buy the app or download the source, right?

    Is it possible to have an app both in the Homebrew channels and the app catalog? Would it better to have a 'lite' version in Homebrew? I'm thinking those with Preware could get the app for free, which is apparently about 5% of users, but many more could buy it in the catalog. Tho they might be cheesed off if they found they could get it for free with a bit of effort...

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    If you want to sell your app for money, and have it in the app catalog, you get to pay a $99 annual fee for the privlidge.

    If you are willing to GIVE AWAY your app, and provide a link to one of the standard open source licenses, then you can put it in the app catalog for free.

    If you want to do something else, you can put it on one of the homebrew feeds.

    The ability to do options 1 and 2 will open up to everyone sometime in december 2009.


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