Activated new Pre but still have my old one. New Pre didn't bring in my memos. I'd like to get into old Pre to email myself memos over wifi. Once old Pre boots, it complains about being signed out of palm profile or somesuch. Just gives me the option to restart or do full erase. Yay.

My only hope: old Pre is rooted. Have ssh access in.
I seem to remember reading in a thread about someone in a similar situation being able to recover usage of their phone by ssh'ing in and killing a process (obviously they had to do it every time they rebooted their phone). I've had no luck figuring out which one yet. Don't see anything running on my old pre that is missing in new one. Any help appreciated!

------------- read below ONLY IF you want MORE DETAIL -----------
My Pre started getting flaky. Touchscreen was occasionally going in and out.
Got a new one by mail and did all my backing up before sitting down to activate it. I took special precaution when activating -- I made a fake palm profile and confirmed that the phone actually was an older fw (1.1.0) and so updated it before doing a full erase and putting in my real palm profile info.

The new Pre pulled down all my contacts (my contacts were on google) and most of my apps (only had one paid app) I suppose. The two things I actually cared about it did wrong.
Memos & Tasks
Basically, only one list of tasks was brought in (it's the only one I've used in the last couple weeks) and only my first 4 notes (also the only ones I've used in the last week).

God damnit that ****ed me off.
Thankfully, I could still use my old phone--which I had put in airplane mode once I started messing with activation on my new one. So I took it out of airplane and started the tedious process of emailing myself memos. I got two done before a box slid up from the bottom of the screen warning me that I needed to reboot. No cancel button. Just "reboot" or SLT. I could've kept emailing, using only half of the screen, but I tried pressing the center button instead, hoping it would minimize the notification. It didn't. Phone rebooted, and I cursed, 'cause I knew what I'd be in for when it came back up.