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    Most annoying thing ever when viewing webpages. I rather have the option to enable/disable, or a patch that outright disables the page rotations. thanks
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    its sometimes driving me crazy, i would love to disable it!
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    The file to modify is located somewhere in this directory:

    You can use the terminal patch to create an archive of that directory, transfer it to the USB accessible space on your Pre, and tinker around until you find the specific code to alter.
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    I'll wait for someone to create a patch for it.
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    I'm working on the patch right now. Currently I've made a patch that disables the accelerometer completely. Before I release it though, I'm going to put an option in the 'Preferences' page of the browser that allows you to turn the accelerometer on or off.
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    So how far are you with your patch? I would like a patch with a toggle icon / app to turn it on and off as I wish more for photo's then anything, it would be just fine with me if we had the option to disable altogether and use a rotate gesture on screen to change the screen view.
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    there is a patch that disables it already...only when the slider is open though...was the first one I installed(unless you count Uberkernel) when my replacement came...a must have for me...and opening or closing the slider seems to be a fair enough way to trigger it on or off.

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