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    hello this may sound stupid but I have this obsession with saving my conversations. I was wondering if someone could make a patch or something that when I get a text from someone it will store a copy of the text in a word document or notepad or something. Like what I was thinking when someone texts me it would show the title of a document of their name and number and it would have the dates and times of the messages that came in. And each individual person would have their own document saved onto the phones usb drive or something. Please someone tell me this is possible.
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    you can use the copy all function already implemented, granted it won't timestamp it but still its a start.
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    I already know about the time stamp but it doesn't copy all the text messages. I am willing to bare with the copy all button for now but it would be much easier to have a program that copies and attaches it to a word document. Like on that auto correct app when you put in a word change it adds that word to notepad document. Perhaps there could be a patch that redirects a copy of the incoming txt into a notepad just like that?

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