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    up until 1.3.1 I was able to have my phone plugged into my auxiliary input of my car and be able to answer phone calls and talk without having to hold the phone. now i am able to hear whoever is talking to me, but they can't hear me. did something in the microphone on the phone get changed?

    its pretty much if you were to plug regular headphones into the headphone jack on your pre, you would be able to hear whoever has just called you, but they cant hear you(even if you are talking straight into the phone.)

    hopefully i didn't confuse anyone.
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    I noticed this too almost got in a wreck trying to unplug the phone from the jack so the other person could hear me.
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    yeah. it sucks! wonder if there is any way to fix it?
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    it was better before. I hope it comes back. Could a patch be made to fix this?

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