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    i get a lot of attachments in my emails, most being music. is there a way to be able to download them?
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    Sorry to revive an old thread, but someone please make a patch for this. I downloaded some mp3's to use as notifications but it's a pain to have to connect the device via cable when I should be able to save mp3's from email
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    Wholeheartedly agree. And I have to believe it's 'brewing' out there somewhere.
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    I did fiind a solution. Internalz works pretty well for this..simply browse to /var/attachments/bucketx (where x is a number) and you can move the files to the ringtones folder.

    Not pretty, but it works. Maybe someone can use the file manager service that Internalz uses to bring up a browse window to save attachments out of the email app.
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    Hear hear! I just tried to email myself a song last night rather than do the USB cable thing. I was disappointed to find no way to save it. A fellow Pre owner just told me that he thinks we can save jpgs and other docs, but not mpts in his experience. Could a developer please piggyback on that capability? (or Internalz file manager service, if that's easier...)
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