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    Unless you are using the virtual keyboard you usually have to open the Keyboard every time you text. I thought this would be a pretty cool little patch that would allow you just to close your pre and away your text goes. You are more than likely gonna close your phone anyway after you send the text so this just removes one step. The only thing where I could see this causing a problem would be if you had written a novel and weren't finished yet and had to close your phone, i.e. your in a formal meeting and just got busted texting on your phone. You could probably just backswipe to get out of the conversation though and then close the phone? Just a way to make it quicker I thought.
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    I like this idea, defiantly would use it.

    Under most condition if I didn't want to send the text but need to put the phone down I would probably just press the Power button to lock it first anyway.
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    great idea!
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    So if you slide the pre open it would automatically open up the Text app?
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    no I think he means to just send the text when you close the slider not default it to open text app when opening slider.
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    Love this idea.
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