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    Hey All,
    I know this has been talked to death, but I am still curious...has anyone started a development of this?
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    As you said....talked to death. In all that talk it was brought up numerous times that the SDK/API does not currently support the microphone.
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    No SDK access to the mic. Palm hasn't allowed it yet....
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    No longer true! Well, not for homebrews.

    PreCorder has a "voice memo" audio-only option. It will require an app to be active but the mic can now be accessed, at least with PreCorder's hacked GStreamer package.

    It still isn't in the official SDK/API but seeing the kinds of code people are putting out in the homebrew probably has some influence on Palm's plans.
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    Awesome. I know that the Pre was released so quickly so therefore alot couldnt be installed, however, it's getting to the point now that standard features need to be added, eg voice dial. It's like they stepped back in time with some features when they released this phone. Nuance should even have a webos version. Let's not let this OS and Phone disappear because of poor planning or implementation.
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    It will be very nice when there are more programs out there. I was even thinking about taking up programming again(been awhile, since the commodore 64 LOL). However, until then, I will have to rely on the intelligence and creativity of my fellow palm users. I know that we will have cool apps like the iPhone(music recognizer) and many others.
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    Agreed. It's pathetic that we are still waiting on voice dialing and voice command. That is a feature I've had on even pretty basic dumb phones for many years.
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    I also can't believe this is not a feature yet. Voice Dial is a basic feature that should be included on all phones let alone a smart phone like the Pre

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