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    I'm starting my hobby project of making a basic Pokedex for the pre.

    "Why?" You ask? Because I embrace my childhood obsession, and think it would be a neat way to break into coding on the pre.

    I haven't kept up with Pokemon over the years, so I'm going to start off with the first 151, then move on from there pending on interest.

    There is no time frame for release with this app, but since I have the first few done, things seem to be moving along speedily.

    Things I haven't started/Want to Implement:

    1. HM & TM list.
    2. Pokemon Cries (What you hear in the actual games.)
    3. Ways to check if you've caught a certain Pokemon or not.
    4. More Cowbell.

    If anyone is Savvy and current on Pokemon, let me know if I'm on the right track or not. Even though I'm doing this purely on a educational level for myself, I'd rather have it functional and relevant for others.

    So; ideas, suggestions, comments, critiques, go ahead and leave them below.

    *As of right now I only have the one picture to put up, and some of the elements have been modified in photoshop to show how they will look in the first release, I hope soon to have more screenshots once I feel the app is decent enough.*
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    Awesome idea!

    Also, you should probably leave it at the original 151. The rest are just cheap knock-offs. haha. I GUESS if you get more demand then maybe... : /

    Looking forward to the cowbell.
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    This could be a nice starting application indeed. Not many little kids with a smart phone, but that's not the point more of a nostalgia application.

    Also I agree 151 are the real ones. The rest don't really matter.
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    I agree, I was really dreading having to go through the 300+ more.

    If ANYTHING I'd only go up to the 251, or what not that were in Gold/Silver, but even that's a stretch.

    Thanks for the input.
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    you might wanna do all of them for the sake of usefulness. With HG and SS comming out I have bought a ds but still know nothing of the new pokemon. there are online pokjedexs to help you but it wont let me link you to one sorry
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    I'm really excited about this app. Always wanted to make one on the old Palm OS devices, but didn't have the programming know-how.

    Are you using Ares for development?
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    any progress here? I would love this. And I can help with the other 300 cause it would really help.
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    Are you just making one interface and saving all the different pokemon in a database or some other form of alterable backend?

    That would probably be the smartest thing to do.

    Then someone else can carry over for the remaining 10923019203912 Pokemon there are.

    As long as you have one consistent form in which you're keeping them all.
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    Haha, i would definitely download this if i saw it.
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    I'd love to see something like this. Android has a great Pokedex app. Any update on this?
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    I like it!, same reasons, I will be wating!
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    This is awesome. I can't believe we don't have one yet.

    You should add each version of pokedex. I'm currently playing white, would be nice to have!

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    Meh, just hook up Just Type with a Pokemon wiki and there is your Pokedex app.

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