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    When using my Treo 680 or Treo Pro, I would (either via third party or original software), go through my mails and messages, and with one button / menu choice, get a small menu which would ask if I would like to make the mail into a task or a calendar item:

    When choosing Task, it would pop up a new task card, with the mails subject field as task name, and the mails content in the tasks notes field.

    When choosing calendar it would pop up a new meeting card, and the mails subject field becomes the meeting title, and the mails content goes into the meetings note field.

    This is extremely effective when processing mail and messages. I think it is called triaging in English?

    Can this be done / programmed for WebOS Pre ?

    Thank you in advance to anyone who takes on this adventure!

    Kind regards,
    Anders H.
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    Bump: Nobodu interested in an application for a serious upspeeding of mails and messages here ? :-)

    Kind regards,
    Anders H.
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    BumpiBumpy... sorry. Nobody interested in making such a HUGE prosessing efficiensy patch? ;-)

    Both in PALM OS and WM have I had this ability, and it really speeds up the email prosessing.

    Please, anyone - I would gladly donate quite a bit.

    Kind regards,
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    And hear comes another bump!

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