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    I had a great idea for an app, but I have no idea how to program anything for the Pre, so I'm just gonna put it out here in the hopes of someone else liking it as well :-)
    I always tend to forget to do stuff, esp if it involes doing stuff "the next time I'm at..." and this sadly includes "looking at notes if there are things I still want to do"...
    Recent examples include "I should get new toothpaste next time I go shopping", "I should drop this letter at the postbox next time I pass it" etc

    So, it would be great to have a to-do app that not only lets me put down a task but a location as well... that way I could tell it to remind me off the letter when i get close to the post box, remind me of the toothpaste when I reach the parkingplace of my prefered shop etc.
    Or maybe even multiple locations per note, but that would just be fancy bonus ;-)
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    sounds really interesting... I can think for even more possibilities what it chould remain me :-)

    it it would work only when GPS on, it would be really battery eater.. but if it could work the usual way on the BTS cell... it would not be se precise... so it would remain you about the letter box even if you are still a few minutes away of it.. but...
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    Remember the milk (RTM) supports this, and there is an app for RTM in the works (or ready as I understand), just check the forums.
    I guess the app could also be made to do this, I'm not sure if it's in the first release.
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    Yes there is actually an app in development! It's called "GeoStrings". I've created a new thread here to discuss the new app: (NOTE: The links I post to other threads never seem to post correctly. So just search for "GeoStrings" in this section of the forum to find the thread).

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