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    Just out of curiosity, any update to FileManager or Internals for 1.3.1? Maybe its just me, but it will not open pictures or videos. Anybody?
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    Where these programs ever designed to open files? I though their purpose was just to manage the file system.
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    Yes, you can open pictures and videos and any other file that the Pre can read right off them.
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    I'm sure those pics are awesome if you want to hide them
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    i cant even get internalz to work i have the fileMGR service installed as well

    edit: nevermind had to install it from webos quickinstall not preware
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    Currently, Picture opening from within Internalz is bugged, as a side effect of the file access restrictions imposed in webos 1.3.1. I have a fixready, but am including it with other new features in an upcoming release
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    OK Awesome! I'm looking forward to it.
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    I also cannot get "Info" to work. I'm assuming this is a result of the file access restrictions of 1.3.1 as well. Looking forward to the update. Will the update be immediately available via Preware or will I need to use Quick Install?

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