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    (I had originally (stupidly... ) posted this in general chat instead of here. I'm sorry for the double post.)


    Like most, the tiny one buzz notification for SMS and E-Mail is not enough for me. I was thinking that I'd like to have those notifications trigger the same vibrate sequence as the phone app does on a phone call coming in.

    I'm going through the "incomingcall-assistant.jsjsjs&$quot$; $and$ $a$ $couple$ $others$ $in$ $that$ $same$ $dir$ (/$usr$/$palm$/$applications$/$com$.$palm$.$app$.$phone$/$app$/$controllers$/) $seeing$ $if$ $I$ $can$ $figure$ $out$ $where$ $the$ $phone$ $app$ $is$ $setting$/$calling$ $the$ $vibrate$ $sequence$ $so$ $I$ $maybe$ $hijack$ $that$ $or$ $cobble$ $that$ $into$ $the$ $SMS$ $and$/$or$ $mail$ $notification$ $js$ ($I$ $haven$'$t$ $gotten$ $that$ $far$ $yet$ $to$ $see$ $how$ $these$ $are$ $done$).

    Has anyone else been looking into this, or know of where the phone app is actually calling the vibrate sequence so this may be possible to hack into the SMS and mail one(s)? Having that one tiny vibe isn't enough for me. I am aware that there's a hack (or was at one point, anyway) to lengthen the vibe time to one long vibe, but, I'm thinking this might be a bit more of an "elegant" solution (for myself, but I'm sure others would like it as well).

    Thanks for any help!

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    Have you tried the notification repeat patches?
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    Well, no, I haven't. They say that they repeat notification every (hard-coded) 2 minutes. If that was selectable to something like "Every second, three times max" or some such thing, yes, that would fit the bill of what I'm hoping to accomplish.

    I suppose, now that you bring it up and I'm thinking about it, that same patch could be hacked to maybe do what I'm picturing in my head. I just thought that since in the phone SOMEWHERE is exactly what I'm trying to do, I'd trying to figure out how to exploit that vibrate pattern (that's already in there somewhere) and assign it to other things.


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