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    I've found lots of topics about space limitation within /var but no mention about the Rootfs....

    I've run into issues now trying to get items like the Messaging plugin to work and looking at the space usage on my Pre, the only file system with issues is the Rootfs....

    Filesystem 1k-blocks Used Available Used% Mounted on
    rootfs 452296 444956 7340 98% /

    I was wondering if anyone has insight as to where in the / filestructure I can start looking to clean items up without impacting the operation of the Pre.
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    If you have the terminal app installed, you can:

    # cd /
    # du -hx -d1

    h = Human Readable (Meg, K, etc.)
    x = Stay on this file system (don't go into /media, /var, etc.)
    d = Depth. In this case only show the SUM 1 level deep.

    When you find a dir (like /usr for instance) that is HUGE, you can cd into that dir and repeat the process until you find the one that's killing your space. I will say that on mine (not a WHOLE lot of extra stuff installed) / is taking up 93%. After doing the above, it's all pretty explainable. /usr/lib is 172M which is large in a relative sense (it's that way on an Linux system I've ever used including the Gentoo machine I'm typing this on). /usr/share/fonts is like 55M. Things like that.

    I have no idea where the Pre creates/stores the backups to send to Palm, but is it possible that it hasn't phoned home in a while and is hanging on to a bunch of them?
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    Thanks for the response.... I had used du -s and used that for determining space.... Using your du command, for /, it gave a total of 417.2M (/usr/lib was 177.7M) which doesn't account for the 444k blocks being used by the rootfs. There is ~30 M missing somewhere....

    /usr is 371.9M

    /usr/lib is 177.7M
    /usr/palm is 89.8M
    /usr/share is 63.7M
    all the other subfolders are less than 8M....

    I have Terminal access although have not been successful using ssh from my laptop to the Pre over WiFi....
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    i found in /usr/palm/applications/ that was 4.6mb and that in the ../images/tutorial was 3.5 mb.

    after those were deleted my free space was up from 7.7mb to 16.7mb.
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    Thanks!!! That worked and was able to get some items that weren't installing/functioning to work now....

    Good to see I'm not the only one with a lack of space on the rootfs....

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