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    Is this doable with the current version and available APIs? I would really like to be able to record voice/conversations etc. with my Pre.
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    I agree, and record phone conversations as well, I miss not being able to re-listen to a conversation to write down all the details later, if I was unable to do so while in the conversation. But this has been discussed a lot here and other places. Evidently, developers do not have enough access to write such an application. I hope sooner than later they will.
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    One of the reasons you are not seeing more "advanced" apps is because the SDK does not allow access to the microphone at this point. This is why you haven't seen a voicedial app for example, there are a few other key features (can't remember them off the top of my head) that are at this point stunting the development for webOS due to the limitations of the SDK.

    If it happens, you will see huge leaps in webOS development, if Palm can expand the SDK and at the same time take advantage of the GPU. You would then see a processor that could focus on doing it's job, processing, and a dedicated video processor to keep the GUI up to pace with it's ability..... all of that combined with an SDK that opens up access to a few more of the phones functions and the options for development are limitless.

    I do believe Palm will get there, and even though some folks think certain things aren't going at the pace of their desired time schedule. I am happy to know the phone I bought is NOT yet at it's maximum potential, but is with a company who has a long history of developing it's phones and OS.

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