I know this is reviving and old thread, but I was fairly curious about this myself. I don't know enough about linux to get anything like this working, but I think being able to run android on the pre would be pretty neat, especially if it could be run inside of a card. dual boot would be okay too, though.

Really, the reason why I was looking into this is because of Epocrates' announcement of pulling support for WebOS. I've been using it in classic (which is horrible), but I was waiting for a native WebOS version to come out. Since it looks like that will not happen, it may be time for me to part with WebOS (which I do NOT want to do)

If I could get android working just for the one app of epocrates, that would be fantastic.

Of course if HP Palm dazzles everyone at CES, everything might change, but I still think it would be pretty neat to port android over to the pre.