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    I like to be able to be notified each time I get a message whether I have my message app open or not. This patch gives you the ability to have separate , Calendar notification, email alert, and text message sounds. Unlike the SMS per contact patch you only have the ability to select one message sound for all your contacts.
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    Sorry if I'm being a bit stupid, but how do you install this ? It seems to be exactly what I want to be able to do.

    Is it compatible with the other notification and sounds patch or the SMS tone per contact patch ?

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    You can install via webosquickinstall. It is not compatiable with any other sound or notification patches or the SMS tone per contact. This will only give you one sound for all text messages, one sound for your emails, and one sound for calendar.
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    How is this patch working for people so far? Any known issues? I do like the simplicity of this vs. SMS Tones.

    And if I am looking at the screenshot right...the notification volumes can be set separately from the ringtone volume?
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    Does anyone know if this patch has made it to preware of if it is expected to make it there?
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    sorry if I am stupid but I have no idea how to install this app? I just moved from a treo to pre yesterday & there is a huge learning curve. Any help is greatly appreciated
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    it is not working right now. 1.3.5 made some changes. But to answer your question you need wo download webosquickinstall and the webosdoctor. Jason's canuck software has tins of information on both of them. My suggestion is to read up on them and you will be ready to join the world of tweaking. FYI if you go under the messaging preferences you can select a different ringtone for your messages.
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    so when will this patch be ready for 1.3.5?
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    1.3.5 has the same functionality this one has under the messaging preferences. Working with elryon to get sms per contact working.
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    ah alright keep us updated also side note know where i can find text ringtones? lol just thot id ask
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    Didn't know if you were serious or not but here it is.
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    lol no not that haha i found that already i meant like ringtone sounds
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    Oh I usually make my own with Audacity.
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