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    As the title states, I'm just starting out w/ WebOS Development, but I have an issue with the index.html page - I have a div that's being passed data from an AJAX request, but the app doesn't seem to respond to a click/drag in the emulator, like it does when I scroll up/down on the launcher pages. Here's the index.html code in question:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.1//EN">
    <html xmlns="..." xml:lang="en">
    	<title>Hello, world title!</title>
    	<!-- Load the Mojo Framework -->
    	<script src="/usr/palm/frameworks/mojo/mojo.jsjsjs&$quot$; $type$=&$quot$;$text$/$javascript$&$quot$; $x$-$mojo$-$version$=&$quot$;$1$&$quot$;&$gt$;&$lt$;/$script$&$gt$;
    	&$lt$;$script$ $src$=&$quot$;$app$/$assistants$/$stage$-$assistant$.$js$&$quot$; $type$=&$quot$;$text$/$javascript$&$quot$;&$gt$;&$lt$;/$script$&$gt$;
    	&$lt$;!-- $Some$ $fancy$ $CSS$ $styles$ --&$gt$;
    	&$lt$;$style$ $type$=&$quot$;$text$/$css$&$quot$;&$gt$;
    		#$content$ { 
    			$text$-$align$: $center$;
    		#$app$-$footer$ {
    			$margin$-$top$: $25px$;
    			$font$-$size$: $80$%;
    			$text$-$align$: $center$;
    	&$lt$;!-- $Make$ $a$ $fancy$ $Pre$-$looking$ $header$ --&$gt$;
    	&$lt$;$div$ $class$=&$quot$;$palm$-$page$-$header$&$quot$;&$gt$;
    		&$lt$;$div$ $class$=&$quot$;$palm$-$page$-$header$-$wrapper$&$quot$;&$gt$;
    			&$lt$;$div$ $class$=&$quot$;$title$&$quot$;&$gt$;
    				$test$ $app$
    	&$lt$;!-- $HERE$ $IS$ $THE$ $DIV$ $that$ $has$ $data$ $output$ --&$gt$;
    	&$lt$;$div$ $id$=&$quot$;$main$&$quot$;&$gt$;&$lt$;/$div$&$gt$;
    	&$lt$;!-- $Footer$ --&$gt$;
    	&$lt$;$div$ $id$=&$quot$;$app$-$footer$&$quot$;&$gt$;
    the "main" div is the one that displays the ajax call, and it obviously runs off the bottom of the screen. However, in the emulator, attempts to click and scroll down are ignored. Any help?
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    Aaaand I figured it out. I'm sorry, I didn't realize I was trying to work on the stage, and I had to create a scene to display my stuff, not the stage.
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    Yeah, I had this problem when I first started developing. Unfortunately there aren't a lot of resources, so you have to learn this type of stuff yourself. Good luck!
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    If you don't have the Palm webOS O'Reilly book, check out the exampls at Palm's Developer Website. I recommend the following...

    1. Developer Guide (be sure to read through all sections!)
    2. Hello World App
    3. API Reference

    Also, webos-internals has the best tutorial I've run across for using SQLite if you need a database for your app!
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