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    So I know this is probably a lame question, but while I consider myself a capable programmer, I am less confident in my art skills...

    Where do all the app developers get their cool icons for their apps? I want a fun, cool icon, but am not sure where/how to get/make one? Ideas?
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    I made a simple one in Photoshop. You have an idea of what you want it to look like? If it's not too complicated I can hook you up. If it is, I know a great graphic artist...
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    Icons - WebOS Internals

    Has a few small examples that can be used for a reference while trying to design one. But the quality that palm uses will take a lot more time. I've noticed a lot of people seem to use that 99design site.

    When I design them up, I tend to use Fireworks. Also feel free to grab and pick from their colours to compare. Biggest thing is to test on a real device.

    Tried to write a tutorial earlier about this, but it's hard to describe design to developers.
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    Thanks for the suggestions! I'm developing an app that lets you pick names out of a hat, so I was thinking an icon of a baseball cap, preferably full of little slips of paper. Of course, all the pre icons look kind of cartooney, so I was hoping this one would as well...
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    For instance, if you do make an icon keep it simple and easy to tell what the application is. See just add a few vector lines and you have rough draft for an icon. Might want to make the hat a different color etc.

    If you are using fireworks don't forget to always add a drop shadow (set both shadow and distance to 2 and set the angle to 270).

    Might want to show others to get an opinion, I remember when I was rough drafting the preware icon it went through a lot of small tweaks and edits till we all agreed. One of the keys is keep it simple.
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