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    Iphone had an app that you could type an addition equation (or password sequence....5 X .03254 was my friends) in the stock calculator, once you did that, you were brought to a new, never seen via the main screens, launcher page.

    It would be beneficial with PRE, as you could save pictures/videos that you dont want people to see, while looking or thumbing through your pictures, etc.

    How much does an app cost to make? I would really love to see this as an app for the Pre.
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    Apps don't cost anything to make except time.
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    thank sounds like I great idea...i'd like to see that also
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    ummmm...I meant "that"...not "thank"...heh
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    The problem is, that everyone is making game apps, and useless crap.

    Pretty please, can a developer work on this? I'll buy you a beer or three. (providing you are of legal drinking age)
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    yeah, I agree, we more useful apps, and this would be one of them.
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    Any developers willing to give it a go?
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    Work-around: Create a folder on the drive that starts with a period, (i.e. .videos), then use internalz to view.
    The Pre will not show the folder but it WILL show in USB and MediaSync modes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mfurrer View Post
    The problem is, that everyone is making game apps, and useless crap...
    Please don't say things like that.

    It's really rude to the developers of the "useless crap" who happen to use the "useless crap" they develop 6 times a day (or more).

    I happen to be one of those developers of those "useless crap" that you so keenly refer to. Despite the fact that for me, PERSONALLY, the apps that are available so far might not be that useful, I know for a FACT they are not "useless crap".

    On the opposite side of that, I happen to have developed two apps which are very niche apps and have no use to 90% of the population, but the people who do use them are eternally grateful. I personally developed them only for myself (out of need) but figured I would release them so that others, who actually need them (and/or those who may be curious), could get some use out of them.

    *tries to come back on topic*

    As for this kind of an app, I personally have no use for it, but I think it would be a great idea.
    I'm so cool, I can respect peoples' opinions like that.

    *ends offtopic rant*
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    I guess your gonna have a hard time gettin dev's. to help you out talkin a out them like that ha ha !!
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    I apologize for the phrase "useless crap". Did not mean to offend. I do fail to understand why we need our phones to make fart noises, rather than actual apps that make our life easier.

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