I'm teaching myself what ever I need to know how to visually design an app for webOS. I've been messing around with CSS a lot and am quite comfortable with the various properties like font, font-size, color, background-color, border, alignment properties, margins, padding, position, display, etc. A number of internet reference sites have been excellent sources for me to learn those things. But I find myself at a point where now I don't know where to look to learn how those code blocks the properties are in are named and tie into the apps. My project for learning this stuff is the Friendsflow facebook app. It has an option to choose a CSS file to theme the app. So far in working with that I have altered existing properties and even added one or two here and there to get the look I want. Most of the cod blocks the name within the <> make it obvious what the block styles while others don't appear obvious to me and so I have no idea what part of the app gets styled by it.

So for me to continue to learn CSS I need to know how the .<element_name> {} blocks get their names and how they tie into the app itself. In other words does the app somehow dictate those names? and is it possible to have visual aspects of the app that aren't code blocks in the CSS currently that can be added to be styled by the CSS? I was going to search for info on google but I am having a mental block on terming the search to find what resources I need. I'm also not sure if webOS puts any sort of unique spin on how CSS, HTML, JSJSJS $etc$ $all$ $work$ $together$ $to$ $do$ $things$ $so$ $I$ $don$'$t$ $know$ $if$ $picking$ $up$ $a$ $book$ $or$ $two$ $from$ $the$ $library$ $on$ $CSS$ $will$ $help$ $me$ $learn$ $what$ $I$ $need$ $to$ $know$ $to$ $apply$ $it$ $to$ $webOS$.

Thanks for any help or info anyone can provide to get me on track.