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    I have a javascript file that has a bunch of classes in it. It's currently listed in index.html via:

    <script src="scripts/helper.jsjsjs&$quot$; $type$=&$quot$;$text$/$javascript$&$quot$; /&$gt$;

    When I do this and try to push a scene via this.controller.pushScene, it throws an error and says:

    Uncaught: "TypeError: Cannot read property 'appId' of undefined", palmInitFramework200_47 line 4987 column 24
    }else if(sceneArguments.appId){
    This happens even if I NEVER USE anything in that javascript file! All I have to do is include that file. If I include it and don't have a scene, it starts up correctly. If I then try to push a scene, it throws that error?!

    Any idea why?
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    I haven't done much WebOS development myself, just some small tests. But I don't believe you should load your own script using the <script> tag. Instead, try adding it to the sources.json file, I'm fairly sure that will work - it did for me.

    Seeing your last 3 questions, I wonder.. (no offense intended) have you gone over the SDK / Getting Started guide? Because it seems like your not really holding to the specified code style.
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