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    ok i did this..

    wget http://********Palm%20Pre/Palm%20Pic...-right-new.png
    mv chat-balloon-right-new.png chat-balloon-right.png
    wget http://********Palm%20Pre/Palm%20Pic...n-left-new.png
    mv chat-balloon-left-new.png chat-balloon-left.png

    the new pics are when i copy images from the"cd /usr/palm/applications/" directory but they arent changed in the phone messaging area.. n e suggestions..

    now on phones background changed it an looks right til a calls place an there image shows in the dial pad areas but on the top and bottom it shows green backgrounds with middle cut out.. its like they changed in it 1.3.1 .. n e suggestions..
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    If you change the dial pad to a different graphic, whenever you are on a call, the background switches back to the ugly green.

    I have had this issue as well. Anyone know where the last image is stored?
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    yes, but it u have a avatar for that caller it shows in the middle but either the green is in halfs or its now transparent..

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