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    Any chance that something like Locale can be developed for WebOS?

    For those unfamiliar with Locale, you can read about it here:

    Locale - Top 5 Free Android Apps 2009 - FierceDeveloper

    In effect, it dynamically changes settings -- wifi, ringers, etc -- based on your location. So when you get home from the office, for example, it can automatically switch on your wifi radio and connect to your network.

    Unfortunately, I have a feeling that this probably isn't possible with the current SDK, which is pretty sad. But that's just a guess. Any hope?
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    There's something I don't understand about all of this class of location-based apps. If it's going to change your settings based on where you are, it need to be constantly monitoring your location (or at least a some minimal interval). Wouldn't this GPS usage be a huge strain on your battery?

    This is a very different class of application than the current "location aware" ones where it gets your location only once, when you take a positive action by launching the app. What you propose would need to be constantly running the background, no?
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    It would be constantly running, yes.

    But I don't think the battery drain is that severe. Locale doesn't need to use GPS -- it can use triangulation, etc. That is, information that the phone is already collecting.
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    We have chameleon in the app catalog to change wall papers. The battery strain of that would be the same as something like this. I would definitely use a program like locale, what would be great is if it could also control roaming options. My house is a fringe area, so roaming only is a MUST. But at work, I have perfect sprint coverage, so I would prefer to use it. It would be great to see a program that handles wallpapers, wifi, roam options and ringers (and vibe) all in one.
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    I would be willing to pay for this, even if it's overpriced.
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    Look up the thread for "Power Profiler"; add location awareness to the feature request list and you basically have the same idea. Nobody has picked this up yet, but I plan to at some point, possibly sooner rather than later if I can get it approved as a project for my software engineering class.

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