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    After experiencing some problems with the most recent update, i had to use webos dr., which wasn't a big deal since i'd done it before. However, this time, as many others, i lost all my contacts. I hit up palm support, who told me to a partial erase. After the partial erase and logging into my palm profile, i had 5 launcher pages. weird, right? anybody know what's up?
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    The Palm backup is becoming more robust as time goes on, and is now backing up almost all user settings, if you backup in 1.3.1.
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    it sucks that it backed up that patch, but lost my contacts. an awful tradeoff.
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    Yeah, can't say I know why a lot of people have been losing their contacts. It seems the common link for all of them is that they use the Palm Profile for contacts. With that in mind, I'd be very wary about not putting them on Google, Yahoo, etc.

    And to clarify, it's not actually backing up the patch. The patched file is gone, and you shouldn't be able to add/delete pages without repatching. It just happens to be a setting in a cookie that is getting backed up that remembers how many pages you had (and where your icons are placed).
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    Oh, i see. And i'm definitely regretting not saving my contacts to somewhere outside of palm.
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    hey guys on this backing up of contacts I do back them up but with my google account. I made sure I uploaded all my contacts from Outlook to Google Contacts and from there sync'd with my phone. Perfect.

    Also for those of you that use calendar a lot. I found a google small file that allows you to sync Outlook calendar to Google Calendar and do the same to your phone. Now everything I do on my Outlook I have in my phone. This totally saved me form a large headache becuase of patch issues with my phone. In less than one hour I am back to 100% after having to web dr. my phone and start from scratch.

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