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    It took Apple 3 years to add this feature to iPhone OS/iTunes. I don't know if it's even possible, but wouldn't it be great to be able to organize our apps on a larger screen than a Pre or Pixi using WebOSQuickInstall or a similar app the same way iTunes makes it easier to organize home screens? Just a thought.
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    I would want this as well. The most annoying thing to do after WebOSDoctor is reorganizing your apps the way you had them before...
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    this would be a great idea. I remember seeing this disucussed somewhere on the forums so I am pretty sure the webos quick install dev has thought of the idea.

    to go along with this would be a way to automatically reinstall apps you had on your pre after web doctoring.
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    I had to see the "doctor" a few times since updating to 1.3.1 and from what I've read I'm not alone. Would love an app like this. I would pay for an app like this. If anyone needs testing to make this happen please let me know. For now I'm doing what I did with my iPhone before Apple added this to iTunes, taking screenshots so I know where what went where
    Jimmie Geddes

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