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    I have seen several posts calling for categories to be added to the PIM apps like PalmOS had. At first, I thought "Amen" but after thinking about it I thought "how early 90s"

    We have a much more modern and flexible approach to organizing data these days - TAGS!

    Gone are the days of "one to one" organization, now we can do "one to many"!

    Rather than put "Joe" in the "business" category, Joe can have tags for "opportunity", "Company A", and "Bingo Night". Now when we filter for specific tags we can get just the right people in the list.

    I recognize that the data metaphor for webOS is "search" not "categorize" but that only works when you know who you are looking for. What about the case of "I need to call everyone in my PTA calling tree" or "I need to call all of my active business opportunities"? Searching is not very useful here because you don't really know who you need to call without seeing the list. Tags work best for this scenario, better than categories because you can have people in a list called "school contacts" and a sub set in "PTA call list" (one to many).
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    I completely agree with you on this, each contact could have a few tags.

    This does not negate universal search, it enhances it.

    Start typing a company name and all contacts with that come up, then comma separate and start typing a division, the list further filters for a specific division within the company.

    We very much need a tag designator for contacts.

    The idea of using multiple google accounts that I have heard to distinguish between contact groups is not good as far as I am concerned. I use Google Voice, and it only connects to 1 google account. To use the full features of Google Voice, your contacts must all be in that account associated with your Google Voice account.
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