View Poll Results: Would you want a MySpace App for the Palm Pre/Pixi?

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    33 51.56%
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    2 3.13%
  • No! Facebook and Twitter is way better.

    24 37.50%
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    5 7.81%
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    I would like to see a MySpace app for the Palm Pre. I always see twitter and facebook apps but not one for MySpace. Can someone make a good MySpace app? Who else wants to see this or want this?
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    Yeah I still rock the old space but the browser version is cool and even lets you use the full site.
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    I never really got into MySpace, but the more options/choices, the better!
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    I grew up around myspace. I'm 18 years old and most of my friends use myspace. i barely use facebook but im starting to use it a little more. I would really like to see a MySpace app though, thats my main Social Network.
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    Until you there is an app available:

    MySpace | Login
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    Very funny....
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    Does anyone else notice a difference in the mobile myspace for the palm pre. like when you reply to messages it doesnt display that you replied to it when you go back to inbox and i have trouble accepting friend requests and comments, when i press accept it doesnt go away.
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    I vote to ban MySpace from the Internet forever.

    But I confess I have friends in that hellhole and I suppose I wouldn't mind an app either
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    u can add the myspace to the launcher by tapping the left top corner>page>add to launcher. it be as if it was an app lol
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    any news on this?
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    Yep; an app would be useful.
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    The Sprint website for the Pre shows MySpace as one of the Social Networking apps... but it never has been on the Pre. I wonder if they realize their website contains lies.
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    naw, its in your bookmarks when you get the pre. its not an app per se, its the mobile site optimized for the pre.
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    The iphone uses the same exact Myspace Mobile as the palm pre but they also have an available app for download..
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    I don't really see the point of an app other than to have easier access than going to it. It is a bookmark on the web browser and you wouldn't get anything special with the app. If you think about it an app would really just save one press of the screen, that's it. But hey, here is to convenience!
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    In my opinion MySpace is still the best of the 3 sites for band promotion and music in general and that's why I use it. When we get Flash Player it will so great to be able to listen to music from there on our phones.

    The least Palm could do is get rid of the Twitter quick link within the web browser. That's a pretty tasteless spot for product placement...
    Hmmm, that's actually a good patch request idea. Put the social network site of your choice as the quick link there.
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