View Poll Results: Would you want a MySpace App for the Palm Pre/Pixi?

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  • (YES) I want it! Please make one!

    33 51.56%
  • Maybe

    2 3.13%
  • No! Facebook and Twitter is way better.

    24 37.50%
  • Just Plain No!

    5 7.81%
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    I wish palm would allow you to upload pictures to Myspace via the Photo app. You can currently only upload to Photobucket and Facebook. I know Myspace allows you to upload pictures via email or MMS but it would be better to just go to upload and press on the myspace account. Anyone else agree??
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    lol right on XD
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    Quote Originally Posted by theweaselslayer View Post
    I vote to ban MySpace from the Internet forever.

    But I confess I have friends in that hellhole and I suppose I wouldn't mind an app either
    I meant to quote this >.> lol
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