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    Is it just more or do you think it would be better if the widgets were on the front page and then you swipe up to go to card view? I think it would open a lot more options without getting rid of card view, but moving it. Then make the little arrow in the bottom right corner that usually does the swipe up and make that into app storing place.
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    Something that could work...

    Try and make a launcher page that is always open and completely transparent. The icons would be on the main screen. It could allow custom sized icons, that maybe could be dynamically updated.

    The real launcher would still be available on top.

    I might do some investigating, but most likely this would be beyond my skills.
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    seem's something was started a bit back..

    Active Home Screen for Palm Pre 0.3.5b at Active Home Screen for Palm Pre

    project died in July 09 it seems
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    Quote Originally Posted by darkheart777 View Post
    I'm not as interested in widgets as I am the ability to have content displayed on my homescreen. We have all this space with nothing but a wallpaper....we should have the ability to customize this homescreen with certain app say a clock and the weather and maybe a news piece.
    is that not what widgets are? atleast the ones mosy people are referring to. I'd like to see date, a clock, weather, then swipe left and see an agenda with appointments and apps, or swipe again to get to a communications page with favebook info like new messages, status ect. (widgets would wrap around) all of which is at a glance info. which is what I want
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    This active homescreen project that seemed to have died is PERFECT! We need to get that back up and runnin! However, Ideally, we should be able to use ANY app and be able to make it appear on our homescreen. Yes yes...its too bad they abandoned the project. Maybe someone could pick it back up???

    just look at the project...

    It is a beauty! Everything at least I could want on my homescreen!
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    Ok, some people were talking about having a widgets launcher. What to do for this is to have a second "Launcher" icon at the top of the screen, mirroring the app launcher's one. This would bring up the clear launcher that would have the widgets on it. If you wanted to have those active backgrounds like on android, you need a software update from Palm. I'd be supprised if Palm doesn't add the whole idea of active home screens at some point, it's one of the best features of android
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