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    Has anyone else noticed a change in behavior in their application after updating to 1.3.1?

    I have been working on Habla Plus!, an advanced version of my Habla! app already in the official app catalog.

    In this app, I was using audio objects to play very short .mp3 files and it was working without issue prior to updating to 1.3.1.

    I noticed this morning while playing with the app, that now it cuts ALL of the audio files short - even the the audio files that are under a full second in length!!

    This portion of the app had been working without flaw for quite some time, and coincidentally, all of a sudden there's a problem.

    So any other developers coming across issues post 1.3.1?

    * might this make a good sticky? *
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    Having my own issues with audio. In FlashCards, I pull audio from HTTP for many sets. It starts a degradation of resources immediately and after about 6-7 plays becomes extremely unresponsive.

    I emailed Chuq, but I think they are working serious overtime today.

    Trying to isolate it, but the worm tool keeps resetting the emulator.

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