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    Hi all,

    yesterday I've rooted my Pre to ged rid of the supersweet teal and green colors of the messaging app.
    those PNGs are in
    and everything was fine, I've changed their apperance successfully to a nicer color.

    I want to do the same for the calendar app. For every color there are 15 PNGs, 13 of them in
    and 2 of them in
    When I try to change them, everything is fine also, but not for the day view and not for the week view - there are the old colors/graphics active.
    I've looked at the CSS definitions too, but the only definition of background-color in "event-colors.css" was commented out.

    So, who knows, where to find the rest of the PNGs for the calendar? Or did I overlook something? Surely I rebooted the Pre after every change, but I could not find any solution yet.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I can't believe that no one is interested in this too...

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