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    Id love that patch!

    For the fact that I have installed ALL of the "Add to top bar" patches I feel that my top bar is getting to big! If I could get rid of just this it would be a great fit! I mean I can turn my phone, Data, GPS and so on off manual now with the other patches. Id love to hide that airport mode. Thanks in advanced!
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    Welcome to Pre Central, enjoy!

    It is customary to do a search before posting a new Thread. This topic has already has a thread started. This makes it easier for everyone to find the info they are looking for.
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    I did a search. I didn't not find this post in my search. Either way thanks anyways.
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    Could be that you called it "airport" mode.
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    OMFG. I think your right ><.

    Its an lol on my part. I guess I gotta take more time searching! :P

    Thanks for catching that!

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