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    I know this has probably been discussed before, but can someone develop a zoom for taking pics????? Also it would be cool to have the temp of a specific zip code displayed at top of screen next to date and time. Any thoughts on this??? One more thing would it be possible dev a prog to shake phone to go back one word at a time when texting or something similar?
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    zoom would be pointless as it does not have an optical zoom lens
    any zoom that could be created would be a digital zoom, which is the same as taking a normal picture then zooming in on your computer, the quality would be poor, and most developers seem to think it would be useless to make something that you can easily edit after

    thats what i have learnt from the forums so far!
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    Arsenalrule is right, Zoom on a fixed leans is really useless, an app which allows you to crop photos would be the same thing and could have much more useful features within it.

    The temp is a good idea, I'd put that in a Patch request thread, because... well your thread is confusingly named.

    I don't think shaking is the solution there, a gesture of some kind would be more reasonable, I know if you press shift and backspace you delete a whole word, and there's a patch in preware about moving a word at a time in some app...
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    Thaks for the info. I was thinking when you are about to take a pic you could do a reverse pinch or pinch to zoom in on what you want then take pic, I dont really want to sit on a editing prog to do this simple task?????

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