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    Would be cool to have app that stays totally in the background as a service, that toogles on wifi when approaching to a certain pre defined location (home, work...) and then toogle wifi off again when leaving this locationarea. The area should be be about 500m-1000m around a certain point or so that fluctuation in the localisation isn't an issue.

    That's what would be "Pre"-thinking of a phone.

    What do you think?
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    Neat idea. One problem I can think of is that this would essentially require the GPS to be running all the time, or at least checking in small enough intervals to be useful.

    Could be a serious battery drain.
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    it is a great idea - i'd rather have the extra battery though.
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    I just leave the wifi on all the time, it automatically connects to a known hotspot when you get in range of it, and if you're not in range it will still use evdo.
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    also when the phone sleeps it turn wifi off by default.
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    Yeah, the GPS sucks more battery life than Wifi, so it wouldn't save battery life...
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    this one could be BTS enabled.. could be better then gps enabled... even gps doesnt work between walls....

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