I was just thinking about what types of apps/patches I would like to see on the pre. it seems like a lot of apps are being released almost daily but there are some things still missing that havent been close to being satisfied yet. so Webos dev's if you are looking for some idea's here are a few of mine.

1. A Pool game.

every phone I have had in the past 2-3 years had some kind of pool game that I played to death at those times when I was bored and needed to make time go by fast. as far as games on the pre, the choices are pretty limited, and other than card games and puzzles, there nothing else really.

2. An audio boost patch!

I know Ive posted about this before, but there is a need for an audio boost patch for bluetooth headsets...there is code out there that you can enter into a rooted pre to give it a boost but once you reboot the phone, it goes back to normal. would be nice if someone made a app or patch that was basically a button that added that code when you needed more volume.

3. A filter or category option for contacts.

synergy is great, but I refuse to add my Facebook account because I dont want my tons of facebook friends cluttering my contacts when Im looking for my jobs number. if there was a way that you could create categories that you default to or even give the option to hide people in your contacts so that you can have your most important contacts be the ones you see by default and not every highschool classmate that I havent talked to in 20 years and thier cousins I barely know and may say hi on FB but never call.

4. a white pages app.

I had an app on my BB that integrated into the phone. it was a whitepages app that you can search for people using name or address etc. but it had a cool feature that I had grown attached too. reverse phone lookup. if someone called you and you didnt recognize the number, you could just hit the menu and search and it will do a reverse lookup of the number. something like this would be really usefull on the pre.

5. Advance security options

right now it looks like all you can do is lock the phone totally. I would like the option to lock individual items...and hide icons/files. don't really want to show friends the pic of my new car on my phone but have to swipe through all the pics of my birds or friends passed out drunk to get to them. or even worse, try to show my boss the weather but the first thing he notices is the fart app.

6. Loot wars

that game is awesome

well that was a few of my ideas....maybe we will see similar things soon