As a Canadian Pre owner, I am still anxiously awaiting the day when I can see and purchase PAID apps in the app store on my Pre. Palm has not been able to give me any idea when this will happen. I would like to put out a request for ALL app developers to please contact Palm and put some pressure on them to implement paid apps in the Canadian app store ASAP. I'm hoping with a little persuading by the people developing for the device, Palm might respond and actually get this done. As a consumer, I'm being left out in the cold, unable to purchase many of the apps which go directly to paid apps, or are upgraded from homebrew apps to paid apps. As a developer, you are missing out on potential customers in Canada, and now Europe that want to purchase your apps. Why not help yourselves by helping us consumers to purchase your apps.

please contact Palm and let them know you want your apps made available to ALL pre and soon Pixi owners