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    How can I integrate the different javascripts scripts by using webos ?
    Example: I want to have a dynamic text in a matrix form. Dynamic Drive- The Matrix Text effect script.

    Thanks for any help and guidelines
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    Hi, Is their anyone to help me please....
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    It's because your question makes little sense.

    To use other Javascript you can just put it into your javascript folder of your application and include it with the normal script tag or just paste it into an assistant would work also (depending on how it works).
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    Hello Templarian,

    thanks for the quick response,
    actually iam using this applicationDynamic Drive- Typing Text Script which is basically for printing the text in typing format. To run this application
    1. I have added a file called TyingText.jsjsjs $to$ $App$/$Assistants$/ $folder$.
    2. Added a div as Typing Text-scene.html in view folder
    3. Now iam just wondering to know where and how to call the function to execute.

    Kindly suggest
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    include the jsjsjs $in$ $your$ $app$ $by$ $adding$ $it$ $in$ $sources$.$json$

    Then, in the activate assistant of your scene, call the function.
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    I'm trying to do something similar. Any links to an example would be great.

    Do I call the script in the header (after the mojo.jsjsjs) $or$ $do$ $I$ $throw$ $it$ $in$ $the$ $body$ $like$ $I$ $would$ $an$ $HTML$ $page$?
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    nevermind, i got it. Call the script in the body. I was, however, missing the sources.json step.
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    I get this error while running the application.
    Warning: indicated new content, but not active
    . Any idea why is this error ?

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