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    the request is intended to have an app that nag us until we get the Pre and say "ok" or something; my wife always texts me and if i didīt hear an alert then i have to sleep at the sofa cause i missed to buy something or anything.

    i mean an app or hack like the butler or mother! (palmOs) way.

    any help?
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    You are in luck. I just committed patches for notification repeats for messaging, phone and email this weekend. They can be found on or in the following thread: post number 13.

    I also have a calendar notification repeat that is already available in Preware. These new patches will hopefully also be available in Preware soon.
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    The LED notification kind of works that way too. I doesn't make any noise, but it keeps blinking until you acknowledge the alert.
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    testing the links posted above.

    the led notification is not available for 1.1.3 gsm europe Pre, or am i wrong?

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