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    I want to have more control over formatting text-field widgets. The Palm developer framework says you can do this through CSS, but I don't know the CSS properties that I need to set. What I would specifically like to do is stop "palm-row-wrapper textfield-group" elements from indenting and taking on a white background when selected. An example of what I'm trying to prevent can be seen below. An example of what I would like my text-field to look like can be seen in the Currency Converter application.

    This is the HTML I'm using:
    <div class="palm-group unlabeled">
    	<div class="palm-list">
    		<div class="palm-row first">
    			<div class="palm-row-wrapper textfield-group" x-mojo-focus-highlight="true">
    				<div class="title">
    					<div class="label" id="label1">label1</div>
    					<div x-mojo-element="TextField" id="MyInput" name="MyInput1"></div>
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    I hate doing this but ....Bump.

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