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    I have been working on creating an app. I have created the app. and managed to get the ipk file off the emulator using the cmd prompt.

    My problem is now that I have made updates to a few aspects of my app (images, stylesheet) I used the same method to extract the ipk using the cmd promt, but none of my changes are in the new .ipk file.

    btw I installed the new .ipk on my pre after deleting my app, I checked internalz to verify it was gone. Then installed the new ipk and the app does not show any changes.

    any help??
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    NVM. Got it I had assumed by running the 'palm-package program name command that it was pulling files from emulator, when infact this was just creating an ipk file off what was stored on my comp from when I ran the palm-generate command previously.

    Hope this helps someone in the future!!
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