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    I have an issue, where I can not stop listening to orientation events once I hit the one I care about..

    So to start listening, I use

    this.controller.listen(document, 'orientationchange', this.handleOrientation.bindAsEventListener(this));
    THen I drop into a bit of code that does something like:

    MainAssistant.prototype.handleOrientation = function(event){
   "<===========Entered handleOrientation")
        if (event.position == 4 || event.position == 5) {
            this.controller.stopListening(document, "orientationchange", this.handleOrientation.bindAsEventListener(this))
                'name': 'car-summary'
            }, this.fillUpSummary, this.mileageTrack.reverse());
        }"<===========Exited handleOrientation")
    For some reason, it keeps swappping scenes over and over, because, Im pretty sure, that stopListening command is not working :-( any ideas? Thanks!
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    The reason this isn't working is because you are not referencing the same event listener.

    What you need to do is this:

    this.hoHandle = his.handleOrientation.bindAsEventListener(this);
    this.controller.listen(document, 'orientationchange', this.hoHandle);
    and then:

     this.controller.stopListening(document, "orientationchange", this.hoHandle)
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