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    what webos version are you running? And have you tried the emergency patch recovery to remove all patches?
    Avatar on Left Patch
    Call Rejecter Patch
    Make your messanger look like the iphone's
    SMS tone per Contact
    No Alert During call

    Thanks are always appreciated or for a really big Thanks you can always:
    (it can go a long way to convince my fiancee that this is worth my time)

    Please feel free to PM for more direct assistance.
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    im using the left sided avatar and I used the other one before that and I didn't resize, it auto-fits, I forget what the directions say to do with the one you r using but the left sided goes into a folder called media>internal>my-avatar.png so thats what I did and it worked

    edit: personal avatar goes in a folder called usr then inside that put a new folder called palm/applications/ so each slash is a new folder within the previous folder then drop it in main area of pre folder in usb mode. Thats all I did to get mine to work
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    Mike, is the folder that you made that has the avatar called my-avatar.png or is the avatar in the internal folder? Did the same thing, but so far no luck with the avatar on the left side.
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