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    basically I want an photo app to have a lock screen or lock certain albums.. An be able to show in landscape mode
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    So many people requesting a way to hide their pr0n. Just don't let anyone else use your phone, geez.
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    I'm not the only one who want it.. I dont want to be worrying about who got my phone every 5 seconds when I could just lock the photos app and hand it to them. Its possible since some apps got a pin lock before it loads.
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    while hidding may be a feature wanted. I'd like better organization. Like sub albums, categories and ability to send to facebook under certain albums. Also would like ability to tag photos to contacts. Be nice to have phtos stream from outside sources too like a facebook album with it's albums in sub albums. Can the guy from music player remix possibly create a photo app remix with better features? Atleast subfolders
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    if they have acess to your phone, they can just access the pictures via usb

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