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    This is a question for those of you who have written either a plugin or a Java based service on WebOS.

    I have a pretty large code base already written in C++ and running on a set of Linux desktop computers, as part of a scientific simulation. It would be nice if I could port some of that to the Palm Pre so I could interact with the computers running the simulation (rather than having to use a desktop/laptop for that).

    I've searched the forums and looked at examples on the webos-internals git and when it comes to writing a lower level program- I could find two options- either a Mozilla plugin which could be written in C, or a Java based service.

    A Mozilla plugin should be free from any WebOS APIs and I can write it in C which would be a plus.
    However, seems like a Java service would be the cleaner thing to do (maybe even write Java wrappers around my C++ code).

    I've looked at the official Palm SDK documentation and it does not have anything clear about writing your own services. The jar files of the WebOS services are obfuscated, so I just wonder where you got a clear notion of the API that should be used (for example-in the ipkgservice).

    Your thoughts / links to sources would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Try looking over the code on their git repository.

    Example: Git - services/optloopservice.git/blob -
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    I've looked at several examples, including the one you linked to.
    I can replicate the same structure (extend LunaServiceThread etc) and it should work (assuming I can use JNI under WebOS).

    Was just wondering how they figured it out without any Palm WebOS service source code or clear SDK; and if the people that wrote a Mozilla plugin find it easier than a Java service for some reason.

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