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    I use menumeters on my OS X boxes and love it, mainly for CPU usage and data transfer numbers.

    How hard would it be to add a simple CPU usage meter to the top menu bar? I would also like to see data throughput eventually (up and down), but the CPU meter would be my first pick.

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    it would be kool if someone could make another menu for the left side of the phone on the sprint logo side ,on the home screen or wallpaper page there is nothing there right now
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    With Ubuntu, my favorite applet is the system-monitor applet that shows you CPU, RAM, NET, & HDD usage. As of right now, there's really no point in the CPU meter on WebOS, because the thing would be at 100% virtually all the time. Maybe after they get the GPU twerkin' properly with the OS' pretty effects, it'll be more useful. At *that* time.. a small CPU & RAM graph would be SWEET. Extra points if you can add a NET graph in as well.

    Even more extra points if you can add in a temperature applet to always display current temp. That's my other favorite applet with GNOME on Ubuntu, but it'd probly be more beneficial with WebOS, and I can't wait to see it implemented. I'm sure this will come in no time.

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