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    I was on an IRC chat for Adium which is an Instant Messaging app for Mac OSX they're code is available on their site. I had a chat with them that went as follows, I think it may help someone add more chat protocols to the messaging app for webOS.

    [13:25] <+zac> webOS's chat client is just a GUI for libpurple, the core that adium uses as well

    [13:26] <TheInvsbleMan> awesome. So if some of the webOS devs wanted to do something similar to Adium they could just write patches to make other chat protocols work? there is an unofficial developement community for webOS they have written tons of patches, and apps for webOS

    [13:28] <TheInvsbleMan> I was wondering if maybe those devs would be able to just write a patch that would add functionality for more clients to the native messaging app

    [13:28] <+zac> palm's libpurple patches are freely available, since they are required to do so. i don't know if the client is available, it uses the daemon-gpl-avoidance that is common with people trying to skirt the gpl

    [13:30] <TheInvsbleMan> I own a Palm Pre, this is what I am saying. But currently the messaging client only supports AIM and Gtalk, there have been rumors flying around saying it will support Yahoo soon. I am trying to see if I could find a dev that would be able to write a patch to add more clients such as MSN, etc...

    [13:31] <+Catfish_Man> TheInvsbleMan: their backend code supports it fine. You would need access to their front end code to add account configuration for it though

    [13:33] <+Catfish_Man> TheInvsbleMan: if their code is as modular as ours, then yes, basic support for any libpurple prpl should be easy

    [13:33] <+Catfish_Man> be aware that differences between protocols will lead to bugs though
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    Well... there's already a patch out there for additional IM clients.
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    Wow I didn't know about that. Where do I find it in WOSQI?

    *edit* nevermind I figured it out.
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