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    I've updated the icon for a new app of mine and it will not update in the Emulator or on the Palm Pre.

    1. I've copied an icon that I know works so the file isn't bad.
    2. I have "icon" : "icon.png", in my appinfo.json file.

    Any thoughts?
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    put it in main folder and/or restart
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    It seems like the only way that I was able to get the icon to update was to increase the version number. Decreasing the version number did nothing.
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    I got this a couple times.

    Make sure to delete the old version of the app (I suggest restarting LunaSysMgr as well).

    What happened to me:

    I updated the app icon, loaded it up. Still showed the old app icon. I then orange-tapped (or alt-clicked) the icon and in the little "Delete popup" that comes up, was the new icon! O_o.

    WebOS is weird. Either way, long story short, I just ended up deleting the old version of the app, restarting LunaSysMgr, and reinstalling. It should be fine.
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    This happened to me as well. I suspect that, like the SQLite database, the icon isn't deleted on updates. You have to un-install/reinstall to change your icon...
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