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    Instapaper is, by a wide measure, my most used third-party iPhone application.

    The developer has indicated, to me in emails at the least, that he's fine with other people making a front-end application to Instapaper (the web service) as he only intends to develop his own Instapaper application for devices he uses (iPhone + Kindle).

    So, um, pretty please?

    I paid the ten bucks for Instapaper Pro (iPhone) and I'd gladly do the same for a WebOS version that matches it.
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    For people who don't know what this is, Instapaper .
    Seems pretty useful for WebOS because I heard leaving web apps open chews more battery than leaving normal apps open.
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    +1, would like something like this, good for if you are using the underground
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    +1 Sounds cool.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kedar View Post
    Seems pretty useful for WebOS because I heard leaving web apps open chews more battery than leaving normal apps open.
    The offline part is nice (say, download everything fast via wifi or just to save on using the wifi/3G radio power while reading stuff) but the key usefulness is the way it takes webpages and reformats them. Just hit the Read Later bookmarklet in the browser and Instapaper saves/reformats the page.

    You know when you're scrolling down a zoomed in column of text, and bounce a little back and forth to the side? Especially when it's a long article? No more.

    Instapaper saves the body text + body images, sizes it to one of several fonts while eliminating any left-right scrolling and any font size you want, gets rid of ads and comments and usually all non-body text (links, navigation, whatever). It then gives you a white text/black or a black text/white interface, lets you star favourite articles, lets you build folders for organization, lets you save links in an article you're reading in Instapaper so that you can read the link-saved article in Instapaper later, etc….

    Just borrow some friend's iPhone, download Instapaper Free, and then Read Later a few websites. It's vastly more enjoyable reading long articles in Instapaper than in a browser.
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    I'm going to echo this request.
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    why is this better than PDFmyWeb?
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    Instapaper sounds alot like readitlaterlist. Webosroundup got a group of Webos programmers on Saturday and created a beta app call Relego that links to the Readitlaterlist site and you can read articles on phone. It is in early stages but looks great so far. I have tried it and for a beta program it is working very well. They are also planning on having a patch so that you can mark articles on your phone to read it later. Looks promising.

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